Brush Debuffering Machines

These machines offer the user many advantages.

Ewu-entgrattechnik offers perfected and proved machines applied in economic deburring operations with extreme process precision.

The majority of deburring operations, where burrs are located on one plane, can be performed with the customary machine version or with simple accessories added. Most frequent are applications with small to medium batch sizes. Ewu Brush Deburring Machines may also be integrated into automatic assembly lines.

Note: In order to find the proper Brush Deburring Machine please go to Work Pieces.


General features of Brush Deburring Machines

  • Completely enclosed construction with only limited hazard potential.
  • Two integrated compartments to store accessories and spare brushes.
  • Machine base allows moving with a forklift or a low lift platform truck.
  • The power supply to a machine is made with a CEE plug and cable.
  • Very low airborne noise level during operation.
  • Fitting for dust extraction is customary.
  • Stainless steel dust extraction is possible.
  • Universal "Standard Work Piece Mounting" is customary and the "Rapid Adjustment Work Piece Mounting" is available as an option.



All "rotomat" models have been designed with a secondary brush rotation perpendicular to the axis of the primary brush rotation. This unique construction results in work piece edges being deburred both on their inner and outer sides without having to be turned over.

This is particularly advantageous when working on bent components or work pieces with angled cuts. Becauseewu Brush Deburring Machines provide for an extremely high process control, anodized or coated side surfaces are not damaged. Use of off the shelf brushes enables adaptation to any material.