Work piece mountings

Ewu Brush Deburring Machines are equipped with the "Standard Work Piece Mounting" that enables full functional use. For specific deburring operations ancillary tools such as a work piece support with limit stop or a V-block can be obtained from ewu-entgrattechnik. Individual holding brackets designed for customized applications can also be used.

Standard Work Piece Mounting

This universal mounting tool is part of the basic equipment supplied with all ewu Brush Deburring Machines and enables full functional use. Different openings can be easily adjusted and set. Simple jaws for individual mountings may be custom designed for work pieces with different size ends. Flat or V-type work piece supports can be used as ancillary tools as well as customized steel or plastic plate mountings.

Work Piece Support With Limit Stop

Used to position work pieces with vertical or angled cuts.


Used for horizontal or vertical positioning of work pieces.

Rapid Adjustment Work Piece Mounting

For work pieces, which vary frequently, and for 90° cuts, the opening can be rapidly adjusted using this type of work piece mounting. After loosening the clamping screws both V-block jaws can be centered and simultaneously adjusted with only one hand. This tool has no indentured components thus providing good protection against dirt accumulation.